Riviera & Bar – Vacuum sealer with integrated scale

The vacuum sealer 2 in 1 that combines vacuum food preservation and a kitchen scale.

The vacuum sealer at a glance

  • 4 preset programs
  • 2 suction speeds: normal and reduced
  • 2 sealing modes
  • Integrated kitchen scale
  • Motorized opening and closing system


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A vacuum sealer and an integrated scale

Weigh and seal easily. The scale can weigh up to 2 kg of ingredients. The graduation of 0,1 g insures an improved precision.

When the ingredients are ready to be packaged, one single push on the lid is sufficient to activate the motorized opening and closing system of the appliance.

Thanks to the automatic sealing and vacuum cycle, you can preserve your ingredients and reduce their oxidation.

Four preset programs for greater convenience

The Sealing program: when you just need to make a bag.
The Sealing and Vacuum program: to seal and vacuum a bag with a solid ingredient.
The Jar program: to vacuum standard bottles of 75 cl, with the included plug.
The Marinade program: to use in combination with vacuum preservation boxes to prepare marinated food and to accelerate the marination process.

Two positions to seal wet and dry food

The sealing time depends on the ingredients you want to vacuum pack. The sealing time is standard for dry food and higher for wet food.

The dry food function of the appliance is suited for all types of dry food.
The wet food function extends the sealing time and ensures a better sealing.

Included in the box
  • 1 vacuum sealer with integrated scale
  • 1 roll of 20 cm x 2 metres
  • 5 bags of 20 x 30 cm
  • 1 mini cutter
  • 1 vacuum plug
  • 1 user manual in French
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