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Household appliances that take care of your health

Dalcq is a Belgian company, active in household appliances for almost 50 years. Our appliances are part of the everyday life of many families and are passed on from generation to generation.

Amongst the brands we are lucky to distribute, some are specialised in appliances that take care of your well-being and health.

International brands, specialised in their field and recognized worldwide, we brought together on TheBlender.be.  

Belgian brand, praised by the professionals for its steam cooker 100% Made in Belgium.

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American brand, recognized for its large range of food dehydrators, semi-professional and professional.

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American brand, specialised in cold extraction of the juice of your favourite fruit and vegetables.

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French brand, expert in making tea and cooking with the plancha.

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Czech brand, that offers its clients to take care of their health and well-being with its juicers.

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American brand, recognised by the greatest chefs for its blenders of unmatched quality.

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Each of these brands develop high quality products. Reliable products that will accompany your healthy lifestyle by respecting the characteristics of all food in order to get the best out of it every day. 

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